Circuit Training for the Martial Artist

Circuit Training for the Martial Artist

A martial artist should continue developing his fighting style, improving technique, and other elements that make a fighter great.  Circuit training is a great method to improving your skills as well as your overall fitness.  Mixing weight lifting with running is just one of many ways to incorporate circuit training.  A martial artist can and should include circuit training in their own workout regimen.  This article will discuss ways to implement circuit strategies incorporating martial art technique.

Circuit Training Drills

I tend to go all out when I train, so please go at your own pace.  In each circuit, perform as many sets as you can and perform each exercise at one, three, or five minutes.

  • Jump rope
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Heavy Bag Work
  •  Weight Training

Perform the exercises in sets as many times as you want or can.  This drill is high intensity and is meant to increase your cardiovascular threshold similar to the  intensity you would have in a tournament.

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