Circuit Training Martial Arts Style

Circuit Training Martial Arts Style

Today, I performed the following workout and I have to say, it was one of my most enjoyable workouts.  It was intense throughout the whole workout, and the breakdown of each set really created some kind of interval training. 

First Round – The Warm up
The warm up should last you five mintes.  Perform the exercises for twenty seconds and then repeat until the five minutes are up.

Jumping Jacks
Running in Place
Alternate Heisman Stance
Switch your stances
Vertical Mountain Climber
Horizontal Mountain climbers

Second Round – Stretch
Properly and thoroughly stretch your muscles so you are flexible and ready for the drills you will perform today.

Third Round – Shadow Sparring
For five minutes, shadow spar without the heavy bag or pads.  Just work on technique, combinations, and footwork.

Fourth Round – Upperbody Training
During this round, you will be performing upper body exercises for a full five minutes.  Focus on a variety of pushups, mountain climbers, weights if they are handy, and any exercise for your arms and chest.

Fifth Round – Boxing Drill
During this round, you will box the heavy bag or body shield held by a partner for five minutes.  Throw a mix of combinations and routines randomly.

Sixth Round – Core Section
This round is focusing on the core section including the back.  Perform twenty-five repetitions for each exercise.  If you run out, repeat them. 

Seventh Round – Kicks, Kicks, and More Kicks
Perform ten fast kicks for five straight minutes.  Below is a list of kicks that I performed to help you.
Shin Kicks
Side Kicks
Thrust Kicks
High Round Kicks
Knee Strikes

Eighth Round – Leg Warmers
Just after finishing the kicking round, your legs should be hurting and fatigued.  Now you get to do it all over again with leg exercises.  Focus on the following:
Vertical Jumps
Slow Knee Lifts
Slow Leg Lifts
Wall Sits

And Repeat…

Ninth Round – Shadow Sparring w/ Bag
Start shadow boxing and sparring with a heavy bag or body shield.  Incorporate combinations with both boxing and kicking.

Tenth Round Bonus
This round is not required, but it was one that I did.  Feel free to perform it as well if you would like.  Perform kip ups for a full five minutes.  You can incorporate any acrobatic technique you wish, but the kip ups are much easier.  This works your upperbody as well as your core. 

I hope you enjoyed this workout as much as I have.  I look forward to hear any responses or comments on your experiences with it.

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