Close Quarters Sparring Drill

Close Quarters Sparring Drill

All real hand to hand combat scenarios happen up close and personal.  It is critical to not only have the ability to be on the offensive, but to develop the skills to respond quickly when being in deflecting and evading strikes from your adversary at such a close range before it is too late.  The punching drill we will be focusing on will do just that.  It will help you to get used to being up close when punches are coming at you.  It will improve your reaction timing and develop a focus.  Be aware though, when you work on developing your focus, avoid having tunnel vision.

Sparring Drill

When you square off with your partner, make sure that when you throw a punch, you cannot actually hit him.  Position yourself in one place.  Do not move around.  This will force you to deal with being close and uncomfortable.

One partner will be the attacker and the other partner will be the defender.  Focus on the boxing combinations including , mixing them up.  Start off slow but start to pick up the speed as you are comfortable.  Perform this drill for 5 minutes.

Do not throw fakes or set up at first.  You can add these the more advanced you become.  The purpose here is to develop your response to close attacks.


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