Combination Drills #1

Combination Drills #1

During martial arts training, we continue to find ways, methods, and strategies to become better fighters.  Most fighters have a list of combinations that we are good at, and quite comfortable using, but to become better warriors, it is a good idea to challenge ourselves with other techniques.  Ok, so you decided you want to add other combinations to the mix and so you want to see what we can do.  In this post, I’ll talk about some combinations that you can use, if they are new to you or not.  Consider this the Rolodex of Combinations.

Combinations to Try

Jab / Cross / Duck / Jab / Cross / Back Leg Front Kick or Back Leg Round Kick
In this drill, you will throw a jab/cross combination.  As you throw your cross, picture someone throwing a hook at your head.  Duck underneath, and position yourself to throw a jab/cross combination again, followed by a front or round kick.

Side Head Block / Cross / Duck / Jab / Cross

Jab / Cross / Thrust Kick

Side Head Block / Cross / Leg Block / Thrust Kick

Jab / Cross / Retreating Side Kick


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