Compounding Drills

Compounding Drills

Combinations can sometimes be confusing if you are doing four or five techniques consecutively.  Drills like these help improve coordination and the ability to think quickly.  However, if you are new to any type of combat sport, combinations may be overwhelming and for some, intimidating.  There are a variety of methods to help improve the confidence and ability into developing combination drills, but in this article, I am going to talk about a routine that starts small, but starts to compound on each other.  It will also give you an intense workout.

Compounding Drill

For each combination, perform them 12 times.  After you have finished, switch your fighting stance and repeat.

Jab – Cross
Jab – Cross – Hook
Jab – Cross – Hook – Cross
Jab – Cross – Hook – Cross – Uppercut

If you like to kick as much as I do, perform the combinations below which will add kicking techniques and give you a more tiring workout.

Jab – Cross
Jab – Cross – BL Front Kick
Jab – Cross – BL Front Kick – BL Round Kick
Jab – Cross – BL Front Kick – BL Round Kick – Hook


The more you perform combinations, the easier they become.  Once you get more comfortable, try and mix up the techniques to get more creative.




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