Conditioning With Plyometrics

Conditioning With Plyometrics

One thing I have noticed this summer are the benefits plyometrics gives to a martial artists workout. It improves mobility, increases agility, and your vertical. Not only that, but I used to have a repetitive injury that is now practically gone. In this article, This workout routine helped me this summer and I hope if can help you become the fighter you want to be.

Plyometrics Conditioning

Before you start any rigorous exercise, always warm up and stretch beforehand. Let’s get started.

Jab – Cross – Shuffle | 1 minute – For one minute, execute a jab-cross combination followed by shuffling to the side.  Alternate to each side.

At the end of this exercise, perform standard pushups for thirty seconds and immediately continue to the next exercise.

Squat – Alternating Front Kicks – For one minute, execute a squat and follow it with a front kick.  Alternate between each leg.

After this exercise, perform vertical jumps for thirty seconds, and immediately jump into the next exercise.

Hook – Hook – Sprawl – For one minute, execute hook punches alternating each arm and follow it up with a sprawl.

For thirty seconds, sit in a horse stance.  Then jump into your next workout exercise.

Round Kick – Jump w/ Rotation – Round Kick – For one minute, perform a back or front leg round kick, jump and rotate to your other stance – and round kick with the other leg.

Perform up – down pushups for thirty seconds after the above exercise.

Side Kick – Squat Thrust – Side Kick – Execute a side kick, followed by a squat thrust, and another side kick with the other leg for one minute.

Perform alternating lunges for thirty seconds and jump into the next exercise.

Thrust Kick – X-Burpee – Thrust Kick – For one minute, perform a thrust kick, followed by an X-Burpee, and finish by executing another thrust kick with the other leg.

Perform cross country skiers for thirty seconds and jump into the last exercise.

Jab – Cross – Back Leg Front Kick – Jab, cross, and back leg front kick for one minute.  Alternate between sides.  After this exercise you are finished.

Plyometrics mixed in with martial arts no only helps develop agility and conditioning, but it makes doing repetitive exercises with martial arts a lot less boring.  Add this routine to your current workouts and you will see growth and development in your fighting performance.  Continue coming to this site to find more ways to develop yourself further.


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