Great Kicking Workout

Great Kicking Workout

I performed the following workout today to perfect the technique in my kicking drills, while improving my stamina and agility.

Perform only five reps for each leg and for each leg.  The list is broken down to beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Beginner / Basic
Front Kick
Round Kick or Roundhouse Kick
Side Kick
Hook Kick
Side Stomp
360 degree round kick
Wheel Kick (Outside Crescent)
Ax Kick
Muay Thai Kick (Using your shin)

Spin Hook Kick
Spin Wheel Kick
Turn Side Kick
Jump Kick
Offensive Side Kick
Defensive Side Kick
Jump Side Kick
Jump Round Kick

Tornado Kick
Tornado Round Kick
Rotating Back Leg Round Kick Jump Reverse Side Kick (have no idea the name of this)
Jump Reverse Side Kick
Jump Spin Wheel Kick

This workout was basically what I performed today.  Even though it is only a few reps per kick, it sure adds up.



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