Endurance Workout – Core Section

Endurance Workout – Core Section

Core muscles are extremely important for fighters at any level in their training.  Yesterday, I discussed the upper body endurance workout, which focused on arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.  Today, we will be going over core strengthening exercises.  You will be focusing on the one minute intervals that we did while doing upper body exercises.  I want to iterate you should not take very long breaks in between each exercise.  You should spend a maximum of thirty seconds in between sets.  Follow the six exercises below to work out your core muscles.

Standard Crunches
Perform standard crunches for one minute.  Make sure you do not allow your shoulder blades to touch the ground and keep a consistent level of tension on your abs.

This is one of my most favorite exercises.  Perform this exercise for one minute.  Extend your arms and your legs out; raise them up above your abdomen and back to the starting position.

Side Twists
Perform side twists for one full minute.  Your legs should be elevated so your feet are six inches from the ground. 

Side Crunches
For thirty seconds per side, perform side crunches. Keep tension on your obliques through the whole exercise.  After thirty seconds, switch sides.

Perform a plank for one full minute.  Keep your back straight, and your core parallel to the ground.

Ab Roller
You will need an ab roller wheel that are very inexpensive, but very effective.  Perform the ab roller exercise for one full minute.  Make sure your back is straight so you do not cause strain on your back. 

The core section workout is a great way to strengthen your core.  You can also swap some of these exercses with core strengthening routines of your own.  In our next endurance workout post, I will talk about our lower body exercises.  The exercises you perform will also include martial arts kicks.

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