Endurance Workout – Lower Body

Endurance Workout – Lower Body

In the first exercise routine for endurance training, we focused on the upper body.  During our last endurance workout session, we went over exercises to build and strengthen the core.  Today, we will look at strengthening our leg muscles.  A martial arts fighter must learn and be proficient at kicking techniques, and this exercise routine will help develop the muscles required for powerful kicks.

Everybody knows what a squat is, and might even take for granted, but the squat should never be ignored.  With our legs two shoulder widths apart, perform squats for one minute.

Front Kicks
Perform front kicks for one full minute.  After the first thirty seconds, switch legs.

Alternating Lunges
Perform alternating lunges for one full minute.  Make sure your upper thigh is parallel to the ground and your other knee is almost touching the ground.

Round Kicks
Perform round kicks for thirty seconds and switch legs.  Make sure the technique in your kicks are full and accurate.  Do not shortcut your kicks or you will not see major improvement.

Calf Raises
With your feet close somewhat close together, perform standard calf raises for twenty seconds.  The next twenty, point your toes outward at forty-five degrees.  The last twenty seconds, you should point your toes inward. 

Side Kicks
Perform side kicks for thirty seconds and switch legs. 

This is the end of the lower body conditioning routine.  Even though it was only six exercises, you should feel a nice burn in your muscles.  You can swap leg exercises with others if you want more of a challenge.  In our next post, we will go over plyometrics (jump) training to help improve your vertical height.

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