Explosive Development – Part II

Explosive Development – Part II

Part one, we talked about improving our explosiveness in our punching techniques.  Now, we will be focusing on part two, which is improving explosiveness in our kicking.  We are going to use the same methods as we did with punching, and that is with timed drills.  Each drill is consecutive without a break, and will run for one minute for each kick.  You will see some deficiency in your technique, but this is to be expected, especially if you are new to kicking drills.  Just do not perform half-hearted and sloppy kicks.  Do your best to make them as perfect as possible.

Front Kick

Start out by performing a lead leg front kick.  Execute this kick for one minute as fast and powerful as you can.    When you are finished with the first round of one minute, immediately switch stances and perform the same drill with your other leg.

Round Kick

Perform a lead leg round kick as fast as you can.  Aim for mid section as this will help develop the muscles to perform higher kicks.  It will also make your lower leg kicks that much stronger.  If you are flexible and can perform high round kicks to the head, add those to the mix. 

Side Kick

Perform as many side kicks as you can in one minute.  Get into a side kick stance and pick up the leg as fast as possible.  Do not worry about double kicks or triple kicks.  Having to set down and pick up again is what the objective is for this drill.  You will develop your take off from the ground.  Holding your kicks without setting down is good for balance, but is not the focus here.

Thrust Kick

Perform thrust kicks for one minute straight.  Focus on pushing your partner as hard as you can.  This is more of a power kick, so along with your explosive development, you also want to focus on powerful kicks.

Offensive Side Kick

Perform offensive side kicks for one minute.  Although this is a telegraphic kick, if it is executed correctly, it is one of the most devestating kicks you can dish out on your opponent.  To help prevent it from being too telegraphic, we will focus on explosive take off and execution.  Perform both legs. 


You should have completed ten minutes of straight kicking drills.  The purpose of the intensity of these drills is to push your muscles to develop to be stronger and faster.  And if you are crunched for time, you’ll notice ten minutes is not very long.  For part three, we will focus on explosiveness with more advanced kicking, such as hook kicks, turn side kicks, and spin hook kicks. 


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