FightTips with Shane Fazen

FightTips with Shane Fazen

Everyone has days they feel unmotivated to train, or would like to try something different than their normal regiment.  When I have days of burnout or when I need fresh ideas, there are a few places I go to for motivation.  One of those places is a YouTube Channel by FightTips with Shane Fazen.

I want to recognize a respected martial artist and professional instructor who provides some excellent video and training tips. Shane provides a variety of training tips in his website and YouTube channel.  The quality of the video is excellent, the sound is clear, and his instruction is sound and professional. When I watch any of his videos, I get a fresh perspective on how I want to train and develop myself to become better as well as new opportunities to teach my students.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation to train the same drills over and over, or you want to expand your skill set, I would highly recommend FightTips.

Check out Shane’s YouTube Channel at

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