Good Conditioning Workout

Good Conditioning Workout

I’ve collaborated a few exercises that I hate, but notice the best results.  You’ll find these exercises everywhere, including Fitdeck and Warrior Xfit. 

Complete each exercise in 6 sets with a 10 second rest.

Mountain climber
Perform 8 reps per set.

Knuckle Twisters
Perform 10 reps per set.

Pushup with Knees to outside elbows
Perform 6 reps per set.

Power Lunges
Perform 7 reps per set

Sprawl with Lateral Jump
Perform 5 reps per set

Perform 10 reps per set

Sprawl with Jab Cross Combo
Perform 5 reps per set.

If you do this workout, let me know how it worked for you.

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