How to Do a Kip Up

How to Do a Kip Up

Disclaimer: There is risk to injury doing this trick, so it is advised to be prepared before doing this drill.  Perform on a soft floor or mat.

The kip up is a rather simple trick to learn and is not as painful as landing on your head doing a backflip.  Even though I did not have any acrobatic talent at the time, I was still able to learn the kip up.

Starting Out

It is good to start with a warm up and stretching before performing this trick.  When you are performing your warmup, add some back bridges and hold for 10 seconds a few times.  Also, add a hand stand and hold those for 10 seconds.

On to the Kip Up

Start out by lying on your back.  Place your hands next to your head similar to how you perform the back bridge.  Bring your knees to your chest.  This is where you will need to commit fully to get the trick out.  Shoot your legs at an angle while arching your back.  This is where you will get the momentum to lift off the ground.  Also, use your hands to help push just after you kick off.  As you arch your back, this will get you into the position to land in a squat.  If you do not arch your back enough, you will fall right back on it.

Issues to Look Out For

  • I have listed some mistakes that will help you to avoid.
  • Do not shoot your legs straight up nor straight out.  You will have gravity going against you plus your own body weight, or if you shoot straight out, you won’t have enough lift to arch your back.
  • Do not push off with your hands first and then your legs.
  • Do not push off with your hands and your legs at the same time.


This is a relatively easy trick to do and anyone can pretty much be able learn it.  It is also a fun trick that will help you build the strength and agility to perform other acrobatic moves as well.  If you are having difficulty, attend an open gym at a gymnastics school, or email me and I can help you learn it.

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