Intense Core Workout

Intense Core Workout

The latest workout I just peformed is focused on the core.  Is it the most intense workout you’ve ever experienced?  I guess that depends.  In any case, try it out for yourself.

For each exercise, perform the exercise for one minute and go as long as you can.  If you have to take a brief rest, go ahead. Just make sure it is very brief.  Otherwise, it will be just a core workout; no intensity at all.  This routine is rather short.  It should only go for less than ten minutes.  Most of us, if we do not have enough time, forgo working out.  It does not matter how much we love it.  If we do workout, we tend to ignore the core section, which is very important to the structure.  This workout will help get that core what it needs in a short amount of time.

Basic Crunches
Start out by performing the basic crunches.  This will help warm your muscles up for the remaining exercises.  Complete as many reps as you can in one minute and record your results.

Flutter Kicks
These are not too hard, but if done correctly, you should feel them in your abs and in your quads.  Every other kick is one repetition.  Record your results after you complete the minute.

In and Outs
I hope you are feeling the burn by now.  No matter what your athletic level, you should feel some burning in your muscles.  If not, then my hat goes off to you.  Peform this exercise for one minute, and record your results.

For every v-up, it is one repetition.  Bring your arms and your legs together in the air, centered over your core muscles.  I love this workout a lot and like to perform it often.  Complete your workout and record your results.

We only have a few more to go.  Start out with your left leg and perform bicycle movements for one minute.  Rotate your upper body so the alternate elbow is pointing to the opposite knee.  Every left leg rotation is one rep.  Perform one minute and record your results.

This exercise, you will keep your legs bent and slightly elevated from the ground.  Clasp your hands together as if you are praying and rotate your core from side to side.  This will work your obliques.  Every other side is one repetition.  Complete this exercise and record your results.

Plank Raises
Finally, we are at the end.  To perform a plank raise, set on your elbows and toes, with your back straight and parallel to the ground.  Raise your hips up until you feel tension, and lower down enough to feel more tension.  Perform this drill for one minute and record your results.

I hope you really got a great workout from this and hope you continue going.  Everyone has a busy life, but we should not neglect our training as fighters, or just to stay healthy.  Keep fighting the good fight.

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