Intense Shadow Boxing Workout

Intense Shadow Boxing Workout

Today, I performed a very intense workout working various areas that are used in sparring.  I focused on boxing and kicking techniques separately for the first two sets, then integrating them together in the third.  Along with those routines, I worked on evasive and other defensive drills to work on movement and rythym.  Finally, I worked on various kicking techniques to add intensity, and to work on the technical details of each kick.  Below, I’ve listed the workout in case you want to try it out.

Warmup Drill – 5:00 minutes

Work on a good warmup with jumping jacks, jump rope, hopping, and running in place.  Then perform some pushups, crunches, and get back up and do the routine all over again.   Afterwards, stretch thoroughly for five more minutes.

First Set – 5:00 minutes

For the first five minutes, focus on just boxing techniques.  Hit the bag with different punches like the jab and the cross, hook and uppercut.  It is pretty much a free for all punching session.  Make sure it is intense and there are no breaks, even if you are exhausted.  After the session, you will get a thirty second rest.

Second Set – 5:00 minutes

Now we get into the kicking workout.  Peform every kicking technique you know how to do for a full five minutes.  You will pause briefly to associate yourself, but do not rest.  Kick with the thrust kick, round kick, and side kick, plus what ever else you can dish out.

Third Set – 5:00 minutes

In this session, perform the drill for five minutes incorporating the boxing and kicking techniques you just performed in the last two sessions.  Mix it up.

Fourth Set – 5:00 minutes

Did you think we were finished?  Not quite.  Now we will work on our foot work.  Step away from the bag or pads, and focus on your movements.  First, side step as fast as you can from wall to wall.  Next, perform sprints going forward and backward, and finally, move diagonally, then switching your stance and moving diagonally again.  Now, do it all over again until the clock runs out.

Fifth Set – 5:00 minutes

This set will focus on our evasive and blocking techniques.  I used a swinging bag so I could move underneath it and from side to side.  If you have a stationary bag, you won’t be able to perform this drill.  In this case, I recommend having a partner to hold a shield for you and move in towards you forcing you to step and move.  In this topic, I am going to focus on the bag.  Let the bag swing towards you and just focus on moving back, underneath, and sideways.

Sixth Set – 5:00 minutes

In this set, you will incorporate the last five sets into one.  The momentum from your techniques should provoke you to defend against the heavy bag from hitting you.

Seventh Set – 5:00 minutes

Are you thinking, “When is this over?”  Well, this is pretty much the last set you will do in this drill.  Perform back leg front kicks, alternating legs from one side of the room to the other.  On your way back, perform the round kicks.  Next, perform offensive side kicks, followed by thrust kicks.


I hope you enjoyed this workout and dripping with sweat.  I had a good time performing this workout and cannot wait to do it again.  I hope you do too.  Till next time, train to fight.

(Caution: if you are faint or have trouble breathing;  you know the warning signs of too hard, REST.)

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