Leg Conditioning for the Martial Artist

Leg Conditioning for the Martial Artist

I’ll focus on a leg workout that will give you better kicking results in your power and in your explosiveness.  After doing this workout on my own, I also noticed that it will help with balance as well.

Front Kick Squat
Start out with your legs shoulder width apart.  Bring your fists up to guard your face and perform one squat repetition.
Once you come up from the squat, execute a front kick and go down into a lunge.
As you come up from the lunge, explode up performing another front kick before setting down.
Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.  Do as many reps as you can. 

Round Kick Squat
The round kick squat is very similar to the front kick squat, except that you will be doing a round kick and not performing the lunge.�
Start out in the squat position as you did with the front kick squat.
Perform the squat and come up all the way.
From the standing position, perform a round kick by pivoting your standing leg while executing the round kick in front of you. (You can perform this kick to the side of you but in this exercise, the kick sound be performed in front, requiring you to pivot all the way, working on your balance.)
Bring the round kick back to the starting position, then perform the repetition with the other leg.
Every other leg is one repetition.

Side Kick Squat
The final squat exercise to perform is the side kick squat.   This time, you will want to perform the exercise with your legs closer together.�
Go down into a squat with your hands in front of your face.  As you come back up, perform a side kick to the side.  Make sure your pivot your bottom foot and chamber the kick correctly.�
Bring your leg back and perform the exercise with the other leg.
Every other leg is one repetition.

As always, before performing any of these exercises, check with your doctor or physician.

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