Light Kicking Drills – Part II

Light Kicking Drills – Part II

In the last section, we went over some basic kicking fundamentals, the front, round, side, thrust, wheel, and hook kicks.  Today, we will focus on piggy backing on those kicks with some a bit more involved.

You should be very comfortable with doing the basic kicking fundamentals before moving on.  The reason is because you do not want to obtain bad habits and move on to more advanced kicking which will not perform correctly, plus they could also cause injury.  If you are ready for this section, here are a few kicks to add to your workout. Perform five kicks per leg and work on form and technique.

Offensive Side Kick
Defensive Side Kick
Turn Side Kick
Spin Wheel Kick
Spin Hook Kick
Spin Round Kick

In our last chapter, we will focus on some advanced kicking which will include aerial kicks, and spinning kicks.

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