Punching Challenge

Punching Challenge

For athletes, we are always trying to find a way to develop ourselves and improve our skill set.  As fighters, we are always trying to one up our opponents.  As warriors, we always find ways to train harder and faster than we would in actual battle.  This challenge is part of a workout routine I am beta testing to push you passed your current fitness level.  This challenge will help improve stamina and build your endurance, but also will increase your boxing speed and develop your boxing power.  Let’s get started.

This challenge will required a five minute duration.  Box a heavy bag or pads held by a partner. Technique is important, but the faster you go, the drop in quality your techniques will be.  Do your best to keep technique going.  Your power will even drop as you punch, which is expected, especially during your first time.

250 punches in 5 minutes will rank you as rookie.
500 punches in 5 minutes will rank you as veteran.
750 punches in 5 minutes will rank you as elite.
1000 punches in 5 minutes will rank you as superhuman.

There are a couple of ways you can keep track of your punching.  Have a partner count as you box, count yourself, or find a good quality punching counter.

If you decide to try this challenge, post a comment on how many reps you were able to do.  If you have video, post it on http://www.youtube.com.  Good luck!

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