Punching Combination Drills

Punching Combination Drills

During our class, Jeff and I worked on two combinations using punching techniques that we found to be very effective, and actually, quite fun.  I wanted pass along what we learned.
This is also great training for the pad holder for coordination and speed.

We performed 4 rounds at 5 minutes each with a 30 second rest:
Rounds 1 and 3 | Blocking a jab / Jab / Cross / Hook / Block a Hook / Cross / Jab
Rounds 2 and 4 | Jab / Cross / Hook / Back fist / Cross / Hook

Throughout the drills, the pad holder should throw random strikes to help promote blocking.  This is a very good drill to help your fighting skills. 

Let us know what you think and we’d love to hear from you.

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