Self Defense – Medium Level Threat

Self Defense – Medium Level Threat


Low level threats are not as serious, but can lead into much more dangerous altercations.  In the last article we discussed low level threats at a high level.  In this article, we will learn how to identify a medium level threat.

Identifying a Medium Level Threat

Medium level threats are much more serious than the low level threat.  Whereas the low level threat does not always institute contact, it can be just as intimidating.  With a medium threat, however, the perpetrator’s intent is not to take your life, but to conflict bodily harm.

The low level threat has just escalated to the level of physical battery.  The perpetrator will use mostly unarmed physical contact such as punching and kicking.  It can also include severe injury such as breaking your bones, eye gouging, or some other disabling method.

Medium threats can include multiple attackers, but not always.  Usually, it is just one-on-one assaults.  He will use element of surprise, and when you are the most vulnerable.  This type of threat could even involve from anger or some volatile emotional response where rationality has been thrown out the window.

Medium threats can involve a lot of different scenarios and methods of attack.  The main identifier to medium threats is the perpetrator’s intent is just to hurt you, not kill you.  And this type of threat can quickly escalate to a life threatening situation, where your life is now in the balance.  We will talk about high level threats in the next article.

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