Short on Time? Try This Workout

Short on Time? Try This Workout

We need to be honest.  We are busy.  We have jobs that demand our time and effort, families that need our attention and guidance, and frankly, we have other things in our lives that capture our interests more than working out.  But, we know as warriors, we need to condition ourselves to maintain our health and our shape.  Everyone can spare six to twelve minutes.  But how should we spend those twelve minutes effectively?  I have some workouts that will show you how.

Timed Drills

Timed drills give you a way to track your time or schedule, but forces you to push yourself till time is up instead of stopping when “you” think you are done.

For thirty seconds per exercise, perform the following dumbbell exercises (remember, pick a weight that you can comfortably lift for the whole thirty seconds.  You do not want to feel acute pain if you are lifting too heavy) :

Shoulder Press
Tricep Row
Bicep Curls
Side Raises

Once you are done with the first set, take a brief rest.  Then, perform the routine again.


The a drill is just an option to get you started if you do not have any ideas.  Be creative; mix exercises around the get a full body workout, or focus on sections of the body like the drill above.  This workout is not meant to replace all other workouts.  It is a supplemental workout when you do not have time to perform your regular training.  If you can, focus on different body parts throughout the week, such as, legs or your core.

Train to Fight.

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