Sparring Drills Tips: How to Respond to Getting Hit

Sparring Drills Tips: How to Respond to Getting Hit

In any combat sport, there is definitely some form of contact that is involved.  It can be frustrating when you get punched or kicks, because it displays some of our weak spots to spectators.  But getting hit is important if you want to develop as a better fighter.

If you do not get hit ever in a fight, you will not always be able to tell where you or someone else could be vulnerable.  This can prevent you from knowing how to counter or when to strike.  If you do not experience getting hit, you could go into shock and not respond quickly enough to prevent being taken down or losing a fight.  Why is getting hit so vital to your training? Take for example, sparring and real life situations.

Sparring and Practice

Sparring and practice are the best times to learn how to take blows to the body or the head.  It is a controlled environment and you are relatively safe if you do not respond as you should.  This is ok, because it is your learning environment.  But what would happen if you were in a real life and death situation?

Real Life

If you ever got mugged or assaulted on the street and you are hit repeatedly, there is no time out.  If you do not respond correctly to this situation, you could lose your life.  Countless assaults in America are the result of fear and panicking when attacked.  This type of situation is the reason you learn to fight in the gym.


I do not feel satisfied or well trained unless I get punched or kicked.  First, it teaches me where my weak spots are that I need to further develop.  Secondly, it shows me how I respond to that attack.  Finally, it lets me know how I would compare in a real world encounter.  So, do not be ashamed if you get hurt, or have some bruises; consider them trophies.  You will instantly know more about your art than any other way of training you could ever accomplish.


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