Sparring Drills with Pads

Sparring Drills with Pads

The following drills focus on your technique, your sparring movement, endurance and focus, and finally your reaction. 

To perform this circuit drill, you will need a pad holder.  You will work on four sets at three or five minute increments.  Both of you need to move around as if you were sparring.

First Set

For the first set, you will be working on a numbered sequence. 

1 =Jab

The pad holder will come up with a combination at any number he/she chooses.  Perform this drill for the allotted time of three or five minutes.

Second Set

This drill will be performing on the sidekick.  Your partner will be holding a body shield.  Both partners move around in sparring mode.  The pad holder will move around, and then set for you to perform a sidekick, but you will only have three to five seconds to react, depending on your skill level.  Your goal is to react fast enough and work towards one second.  Work on both sides.

Caution: The pad holder must be aware so when he takes the pad away, get out of the way.

Third Set:

In this drill, you will perform the same drill as the first, but there is a twist.  During random times throughout the drill, when three is called, the pad holder can drop the pad.  If the striker misses with the hook, perform a backfist. 

Caution:  Pad holder needs to be ready for a backfist. 

Fourth Set:

Perform round kicks, back leg or front leg.  Perform kicks with both sides.  The pad holder will determine when kicks will be performed by setting the pad for a round kick.  The kicker has only three seconds to execute the kick.

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