Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

This weekend, I was able to attend an open house at a business called SealedMindset out in New Hope.  This business teaches real world fundamentals in firearms training targeting beginners and advanced alike.  The founder is a Navy Seal and has a passion for teaching civilians in how to defend themselves and to survive an assault in everyday life.  There were a lot of things brought up in demonstrations, from firearms to unarmed self defense. On top of it all, I learned quite a few things that I haven’t known before.

You can never be too prepared, and you can never know too much when it comes to protecting your life or that of your family.  Attacks can happen anytime, day or night.  The key element criminals look for are easy targets.  The less aware they are the better.  It can happen to those that are alert as well, but it is better to be aware than not.  You have a much better chance of surviving, and avoiding the situation all together.

De-escalation of Force

De-escalation of force is a method in which you avoid potentially violent encounters.  For example, you see a few suspicious individuals as you walk down the sidewalk, and choose to turn around or cross the street to avoid them.  This type of method is most desired because it will give you 100% probability of surviving.  Once a violent encounter ensues, your probability drops.  You may be asking, “What constitutes as a perceived threat?”

Potential Threats

This is a valid question that we all should ask ourselves.  Potential threats can vary widely, but there are some common threats that are good to know.  Rely on your gut instinct; most of the time, it is correct.  A threat could be obvious, such as five or six hoodlums in gang clothing loitering in your path.  Other times, it could be someone too close to your car or a carjacker.

Other times, it could be less obvious, such as an individual coming to you and asking for change or the time.  This does not always mean a violent attack will ensue, however, they are some strategies used to get you distracted, or to drop your guard.  In cases like these, always assume it is a viable threat and act accordingly.  In other words, be prepared if something were to happen, and observe everything the perpetrator is doing.

Color Codes of Awareness

There are four color codes of awareness:  White, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

White is defined as not being aware at all in what is around you or that you are distracted.  For instance, you are talking on the cell phone or texting, or that transition when you are getting your keys and about to enter your car.  This is not a great color to be in.  It is the easiest target.  The criminal has the element of surprise on his side.

Yellow is defined as surveying your surroundings as you go about your day.  You observe people around you, activities, and your surroundings.  You do not see any potential threats, but your head is “on a swivel.”  This is usually where you want to go.  You are not tense or stressed out.  You still can be targeted, but it is still better than being in White mode.

Orange is defined as you see a potential threat, such as gang members in your path, or someone loitering around your car.  This is where things get intense, and when you are at this level, a plan on action is necessary.  Do you change your path, or do you find a crowded area to discourage any assaults?  This is the time where you de-escalate a potential situation by figuring out what to do next.

Red is what happens when you are now in a violent situation, such as a mugging, or full on assault.  This is where your life or peace is on the line.  You do not want to be in this category, because your chances of survival go down.  What do you do in this situation?  This is where learning how to defend yourself physically is critical.

The real world gets more dangerous everyday and it is sad that so many people lose their lives to violence in this world.  It is usually due to lack of knowledge, training, and awareness.  Learning to defend yourself is not difficult, but it does take a change of mindset to become better aware and more prepared in surviving an altercation, if you ever have the unfortunate circumstance of falling into this type of situation.  Find a school that teaches practical self defense, both unarmed as well as armed.  One day, you may be glad you did.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

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