T.A.P.S. Training Workout

T.A.P.S. Training Workout


Hopefully, you had a chance to read the T.A.P.S. article, but if you have not click here to check it out.  Among other useful training workouts you will find, this workout will incorporate T.A.P.S. fundamentals using timed rounds.

Round One – Technique

For two, three, or five minutes, focus just on working technique.  Focus on developing good technique.  Without using a heavy bag, just work on technique you are interested in developing.  Work on a variety of combinations as well.   Focus on performing at least fifteen repetitions per technique or set.  Focus on going small at first then gradually increase your speed and intensity until you hit your max repetition.

Round Two – Accuracy

Using a heavy bag or body shield, apply strong tape or some adhesive to various areas on the bag.  Number each strip of tape and have someone call out a number at random.  Focus on accurately hitting each section with the appropriate technique.

Partners or instructors calling out the number can also first call out a technique.  For example, round kick, number 4.  For strikers, if number four happens to be right in front of you, a round kick will be ineffective.  In this case you would have to move to the side to hit number four with that round kick.  It will force you to move around the bag improving your footwork as you work on accuracy.

Round Three – Power

For this round, have a heavy bag or body shield ready, and for each technique, hit as hard as you possibly can.  Double up your shots or throw some combinations.  Make sure you are not taking too many pauses in between shots.  The point is to hit the bag as hard as you can even to the point of exhaustion.

Round Four – Speed

In the fourth round, you will focus on speed.  For this round, get a heavy bag and start tapping with each shot.  Do not focus on hitting through the bag, focus on hitting at the bag; pull your shots.  Hit as quickly and consistently as you can.  If possible, do not pause in between each combination.  It is understood you will be slower while executing consecutive kicks.  This drill will work on your fast twitch muscles, so we want to gain as much as possible during this round.

Round Five – Free For All

This is the final round of this workout.  Hit the bag as fast and hard as you can.  Do not worry so much about proper technique.  Just give the bag everything you have left.  This round will maximize your conditioning and tire you out.

This workout focuses on technique, accuracy, power, and your speed.  It also works out your conditioning and improves your stamina.  Consider including this workout with your routine and you will see exponential growth in your journey as a fighter.

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