The Time Crunched Workout

The Time Crunched Workout

I have been pretty interested in timed training because it pushes you further than you can go if you just count.  Tough Mudder is also another training regimen that uses the timed drills.  The following workout is a great to get in shape quickly if you are crunched for time as I usually am.  This workout on your upper body, core section, and your legs.  You will sweat in this workout.

One Minute Training Drills

Standard Pushups

For one minute perform standard pushups. If you need to rest, do not go on your knees. Keep just enough tension on your hands and feet, but do not allow your body to get too relaxed.

Standard Crunches

Perform standard crunches with your hands behind your head, your neck straight, and do not let your shoulder blades touch the floor.


Perform as many squats as you can in one minute.  Make sure you go all the way down till your legs are parallel to the ground. 

Bicep Curls

With dumbbells, perform as many bicep curls as you can in one minute.

Ab Rolling

If you have an ab roller wheel, perform this drill in one minute.  Make sure you keep you back straight to prevent strain.  If you do not have this tool, buy one.  They are very cheap, but very effective.


Perform as many lunges as you can in one minute.  Make sure you upper leg is parallel to the floor.

Dive Bombers

Perform dive bomber pushups for one minute.  Get your chest as close to the ground when you perform this.  For an added challenge, reverse the movement back to the starting position.


Perform as many v-ups as you can in one minute.  Keep your upper back off the ground as much as possible.

Side Lunges

Perform side lunges as many as you can in one minute.  Without returning to the upright position, keep your upper thighs parallel to the ground and shift your weight.

Rapid Punches

Stand in a horse riding stance position, legs bent and two shoulder widths apart, perform rapid punches as fast as you can for one minute.


Position your body into a plank, and hold that position for one minute. 

Front Kicks

Perform front kicks with both legs for one minute each.  This includes one set. 

Seated Shoulder Press

Perform alternating shoulder presses while sitting down with dumbbells.  With an added twist, rotate your wrist with the dumbbell in hand and alternate arms.

Standard Crunches with Legs Elevated

Elevate your legs off the ground and perform the crunch for one minute.  Bring your knees and your elbows to the center and pause briefly to add tension to the core.

Round Kicks

Perform round kicks for each leg in one minute.  Both legs equal one set.

Tired yet?  I hope you got a good workout from this.  If you performed this drill, let me know how you did!

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