Timed Drills to Improve Your Technique

Timed Drills to Improve Your Technique


Sometimes, it is always good to go back to the basics.  Going back to work on basic technique not only helps you correct bad habits, but also can help you develop faster and more explosive strikes.

Timed Drills

Focusing on technique using timed drills has proven to be one of the best ways in becoming a better fighter.  You will reap rewards almost immediately with these drills, no matter how big or small the reward.

If you have any techniques that need work, feel free to work on them. However, I laid out a list for you to follow.  These techniques are the most basic and most fundamental.

For the boxing techniques, you will go for a 2:00 minute time duration.  For the kicks, you will go for 1:00 minute.  Make sure you alternate between fighting stances, not just your strong or weak side.

  • Jab
  • Front Kick
  • Cross
  • Round Kick
  • Hook
  • Side Kick
  • Uppercut
  • Push Kick
  • Back Fist
  • Wheel Kick
  • Hammer Fist
  • Axe Kick

Timed Combination Drills

In this drill, you can apply the same principle, but using combinations.

  • Jab – Cross
  • Front Kick – Round Kick
  • Hook – Uppercut
  • Round Kick – Side Kick
  • Uppercut – Cross
  • Side Kick – Hook Kick
  • Hook – Back Fist
  • Front Kick – Axe Kick
  • Hammer Fist – Hook
  • Push Kick – Side Kick
  • Jab – Jab
  • Side Kick – Turn Side Kick
  • Cross – Hook
  • Front Kick – Round Kick

Using timed drills can also be beneficial against a heavy bag.  Not only are you focusing on technique and explosiveness, but you can also focus on improving power.

Hopefully, this will help mix up your workout routines, especially when things start to get monotonous.  Timed drills simulate rounds, build endurance, develop speed, and power.

Challenge Yourself

Do you want to know how to measure your speed?  Count as many repetitions as you can for each technique.  Add up your punches and kicks for a total.  You will know what you have to beat to become faster.

During the same week, I noticed a three hundred repetition increase in the speed of my techniques the second day of training.  If this is as much fun as it is for me, it will bring a level of challenge and fun to your workouts as well.

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