Endurance Workout – Upper Body

Endurance Workout – Upper Body

I have been working on some an upper body regimen and executing various exercises to improve my overall fitness to help me become a better fighter.  I will break down the different areas in posts: upper body, core, legs, etc.  The workouts range from 15 exercses down to six.  We will be focusing on our six set workouts for now.  The workouts are not impossible, but have a higher of difficulty.  I will start out by introducing the upper body workout for you today.

I have been really noticing much progress doing timed drills at one minute intervals.  Below is a list of exercses that were performed. 

First, you will perform the pushup for one minute.  Make sure you perform complete pushups with the arms parallel to the ground and extending all the way up. 

Alternating Bicep Curl
Perform alternating bicep curls with a weight that is comfortable for you.  I chose a 25lb dumbbell set.  If you do not feel any discomfort and strain, use a higher weight.

Alternating Shoulder Press
With your dumbbells next to your head, your triceps parallel to the ground, alternate each arm rotating your wrist.  Perform this routine for one minute.

Punching Combinations
Accurately execute punching combinations with good technique.  You can mix it up with whatever punching you would like, as long as it is accurate and you do not stop for the full minute.  To make it more challenging, execute horse stance punches for the full minute.

We are almost finished with the upper body workout.  Perform shrugs as fast as you can with a slight pause at the top.  Perform this for one minute.

Side / Front Raises
With a weight that will not add unnecessary strain, raise your arms to the side and alternating to the front.  If you feel any acute pain or you are uncomfortable beyond what is reasonable, choose a lower weight. 

The upper body workout is great if you only have enough time during your day to perform this, however, it should not be the only thing you do.  If you choose to spend one day performing this workout routine, continue with another workout the following day.  Ultimately, you would perform the upper body, core, and lower body in one day.  I will be adding other workout routines to fill up your entire week, so please check us out often.

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